A to Z to Safety has six target groups:

  1. 1 Iranian, Kurdish, Turkish, Afghan, Arab, Roma and other Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) women and girls residing in partner and other EU countries: mainly migrants, refugees/asylum seekers who have arrived in the EU individually or with their families due to civil unrest, economic/political difficulties and commonly coming from countries that deny basic human rights and have strong patriarchal roots. These women and girls continue to be subjected to VHP in host countries. Our beneficiaries include women who have never been allowed to develop economic independence which increases their vulnerability.
  2. Professionals in a prime position to practically assist our beneficiaries: teachers, social workers, police, NGO coordinators, and national/local government policy makers and officials e.g. housing and health workers and their professional training bodies.
  3. Communities that need to change their mindset about harmful practices in order to eradicate this violence.
  4. The media through which we aim to raise public awareness and impact on policy, practice and legislation.
  5. Practitioners across the EU who need to access to reliable data and resources in order to impact positively in ending VHP in the EU.
  6. EU and national legislators, policy and decision-makers who can initiate and implement changes to legislation and government practice.