The services we deliver are:

  • Accessible information advice and guidance – both 1:1 on our premises and on an outreach basis to 400 women and girls and through National Helplines to 2,400 women, young girls and professionals.
  • Counselling to address anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress caused by violence, abuse and death threats, and to increase confidence for 200 women and girls
  • 160 targeted awareness raising workshops and 6 steering group meetings for communities to change their mindset
  • 320 training workshops and 6 steering group meetings for professionals to increase their understanding of VHP and enable more effective support to women and girls
  • Mainstreaming of VHP training as part of Continuous Professional Development for professionals in key agencies
  • Guidelines on Community Participation aimed at ending VHP; and Service Standards to inform the design of services for women and girls affected by harmful practices
  • Skills development to increase women and girls’ confidence, self-esteem, employability and financial independence: 70 in leadership courses; 90 in rights and entitlements; 50 in numeracy; 70 in employability and 20 women receiving employment support and jobs.
  • A new ‘practitioners’ website to share data, resources, guidelines and service standards with EU partners, countries, EU and national legislators and government agencies and a conference for 200 participants.
  • Campaigning and lobbying politicians and legislative bodies at national and EU levels to bring about changes in policy and legislation to ensure safe safety for our beneficiaries.