Refugee Women’s Association (RWA) UK

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RWA was set up 24 years ago to help refugee and migrant women to primarily help promoting the women’s education (further and higher) and employment. Over the past 20 years the refugee and migrants needs and aspiration has changed. Our services have also expanded and changed partly in response to the needs of refugee and migrant women and partly in response to changes in the landscape of funding for voluntary and community organisations, political, social and economical situation in the UK and other countries.

We provide support to refugee and migrant women through:

  1. Information, advice and guidance in housing and homelessness, immigration, Welfare Benefit, health and social care, education, training, employment, fostering and adoption and other issues.
  2. Training and employment – We are an accredited centre for ESOL Skills for life and have been running ESOL classes for the past 22 years. We deliver workshops on leadership, mentoring and employability, financial management as well as providing employment, volunteering and work placement opportunities for our clients. We run a Book Club once a month facilitated by a British retired doctor for refugee women health professionals to help with their social English and employment opportunities.
  3. Campaigning and advocacy – We work closely with networks of voluntary and community organisations, the Mayor’s office (Greater London authority) as well as academic and public sector to campaign on issues that matter to migrant and refugees such as provision of free ESOL, hate crime, homelessness, immigration and other matters.
  4. We raise funds for ever increasing number of clients who are destitute because of their immigration status e.g. clients who are on ‘no recourse to public fund’ or changes in their Welfare Benefit and for other reasons. The funds for individuals are raised though submitting applications for grants to charitable trusts, holding annual event e.g. Tea and cake provided by Stock Newington Women Institute and individual donations.

Our grants for the organisation come from Local Authority, Charitable Trust, EU including ESF, Daphne and Erasmus, and Big Lottery Fund. Obviously with the Brexit vote the EU source of funding for voluntary and community organisations will have a huge impact on funding for voluntary and community organisation like us.

Our Management Committee consists of four women. We have five staff members and six volunteers. Last year we provided support to 834 women on a one-to-one basis and over the phone. Our clients are from all over the world.

Daphne Meeting in Bulgaria

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