as lead partner has successfully raised the profile of violence against BME women transnationally, specifically ‘honour’ based violence and forced marriage. Executive Director, Diana Nammi, was named among ‘the 150 ‘women who shook the world’ in a Women in the World Summit in USA for her work in ‘honour’ based violence and forced marriage. The Justice for Banaz campaign led by IKWRO was turned into a documentary film under the name of ‘Banaz, A Love Story’, shown on main TV channels and won an Emmy Award for best international documentary film. See IKWRO’s resource page here.

RWA (UK) has many years experience of empowering migrant women through employment, skills development and training, working closely with government in campaigning on issues of integration of migrant women in the society. RWA also has many years experience of managing UK and European partnership. See RWA’s resource page here

PAPATYA (Germany) has produced many research papers and reports on forced marriage in Germany, managed DAPHNE projects and runs a shelter for migrant girls of Turkish/Kurdish backgrounds who are fleeing harmful practices. See Papatya’s resource page here.

Orient Express (Austria) has extensive experience of working with Turkish, Kurdish, Iranian, Arabic speaking nationals and runs a shelter for girls and young women fleeing forced marriage. See Orient Express’s resource page here.

Animus (Bulgaria) is a well-established centre providing counselling, advice and advocacy for women and girls fleeing violence in Bulgaria which runs a crisis shelter for women. See Animus’s resource page here.

KAMER (Turkey) (associate partner) provides support and counselling for women and girls fleeing violence.