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KAMER are women who have recognised, questioned, and started to transform the violence in their lives and their traditional statuses. They share their awareness with other women so they can all challenge the norms and redefine their roles. While KAMER was originally established to work in Diyarbakir and its surroundings, it started the ‘Regional Expansion for Women’s Human Rights’Project upon demands of the women in the region. This functioned as a pilot project and allowed KAMER to share knowledge and experiences to develop the method that would be used for organisational expansion.

‘An Opportunity for Every Woman’ Project was launched in 2004 to open women centres that would work for women’s human rights in all 23 provinces of Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia. Our work to combat violence and discrimination against women is still continuing in these 23 provinces.

KAMER’s goal is to identify local practices of the sexist system that harm women and children, to develop alternatives, and enable their implementation.

KAMER’s principles are as follows:

  • To be on the side of human rights and “women’s human rights”
  • To be independent from all political organisations, non-governmental organisations, individuals, agencies and institutes
  • To reject all forms of discrimination
  • To reject all forms of violence
  • To reject structural hierarchy without trivialising knowledge and experience
  • To support sharing and solidarity
  • To think globally while working locally

KAMER’s work includes:

Practices for Women’s Human Rights
These are the practices that are conducted through various methods to ensure women and men to realize, question, develop resistance and methods on their persistent status within the frame of traditional rules.

KAMER’s House Visits
Through household visits personal contacts are established with women whose lives are marked by poverty and internal migration, who are deprived of any education and destined to lead a life confined within their homes and the street they dwell in. The visits are paid by KAMER women who speak the same language and share the same local cultural background with those visited.

Support to Refugee Women and Children
Recognizing that every refugee should have the same rights and opportunities as we do, separate programs are conducted for refugee women and children their participation to the ongoing practices is ensured at the same time.


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